Council chairman wants more dialogue with central government

by: Dominica Vibes News - March 16, 2017
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Chairman of the Colihaut Village Council, Mitchell John

Chairman of the recently inaugurated Colihaut Village Council, Mitchell John has made an appeal for central government to communicate with the council.

The Colihaut Village Council held its nineteenth inaugural meeting at the Colihaut Primary School on Monday 13 March 2017.

Eight villagers were sworn-in to lead the local government organization for a three-year term.

The other councilors are Caretta Belmontes, Arthur Knight, Celia Leblanc, Roger Knight, Jean-Pierre Bartley, Clavia Timothy, and Juanita Ettinoffe.

John, who noted that this is a concern that several villagers have expressed, urged central government to communicate with council as this is “very important” as in a number of instances activities are organized by central government but villagers are not informed.

“Anytime an activity would be happening in the community from central government, they would meet me and ask other councilors what’s going on, and I think it is a shame that we will say we don’t know,” John stated.

“So I’m hoping that this new council will motivate central government to communicate with us…so we can have the information so that when the villagers come to us we will be able to express to them what’s really going on in the community,” John explained.

The Council also appealed to central government to host consultation meetings with villagers so they can be apprised of what their plans are.

“It’s one thing as those in authority to do something we think is good for the people, but the people sometimes are concerned as to what they would like to see happen in the community, and if we do not have consultation; you can build something for a community and they will not appreciate it if they do not have the desire to actually see it in the community,” John said.

He encouraged central government to communicate with the council and to hold more consultations and town halls meetings in the community.

Meanwhile, John also urged councilors to share their plans and programs with villagers via all mediums available to them.

“Councilors; please share the relevant information with villagers. Just as we do not want villagers to wonder what’s going on with central government’s plans for the community, we do not want villagers to wonder what’s going on with plans from the council,” John said.