Marine certification training for seafarers and sailors

by: Dominica Vibes News - February 16, 2017
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A seven day training program aimed at getting seafarers and sailors certified so that they can legally enter ports on different islands when conducting business is under way at Portsmouth.

The training program, which focuses on Marine Time Safety Education, Navigation and Communications, commenced on Monday 13 February 2017 at Portsmouth. It is the first of its kind and being undertaken by the Ministry of Trade, Energy and Employment.

“We are aware that most of you, one way or the other have some sailing experience,” Director of the Apprenticeship Program, Vincent Ettiene told the participants.

“But for us, certification is very, very important, and the government has recognized that if you are to continue doing your business, and taking your boats into certain docks even in the region, there is a need for certification. Hence government is stepping in to assist in that area,” Ettiene added.

The participants were told that during the seven-day training, they should “really understand the importance of certification”, especially on the master’s level, and that they should absorb the information and do what is necessary to become certified.

Facilitator of the training, Logan Knight thanked government for sponsoring and financing what he described as an “important and timely” event.

Knight stated that the training was initiated to encourage focus on a wider view on marine life. He noted that the S.C.C.W 1978 Convention and Code, as amended, set the international benchmark for the education and training of seafarers.

“While compliance with its standards is essential for serving on board ships, the skills and competence of seafarers, can only be adequately underpinned, updated and maintained through effective education and training,” Knight indicated.

He noted that without a motivated and qualified labor force, the shipping industry cannot strive since more than ninety percent of the world trade is served by shipping which has great influence on the marine time sector.