Kiwanis Club of Roseau brings Christmas Cheer

by: - January 11, 2017
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Press Release

The Roseau Improvement Committee started in 1989, by Mr. Norris Prevost, Norman Cyril, Eudean Grove and other community members. Over the years they’ve been involved in many community programmes, especially sports. One of their main activities now is the feeding programme for the needy in Roseau – about 60-70 people. Also this year, as an initiative to encourage healthy mothers they have decided to sponsor the RIC Rounders team because healthy mothers raise healthy children.

The Kiwanis Club of Roseau has decided to collaborate efforts with the Roseau Improvement Committee to bring some Christmas cheer to the less fortunate of the city of Roseau, for which Mr. Prevost and the patrons themselves were very appreciative.

Mr. Prevost has stated his appreciation working with the Kiwanis Club of Roseau and looks forward to continued collaboration for future events and he especially enjoyed the macaroni pie made by K-Nicole.

The Club was elated that they could have assisted him with this and anticipates that they will continue to help him in future. This is a venture that should take a few hands to make work light, and the Club’s hands did indeed help with putting the food together faster.

Mr. Prevost provides this meal every Sunday, his time and effort was seen and knowing how he does this has added an extra appreciation for his efforts, and realizes that this is a venture that more people should be involved in.

The Club would like to invite others to help us help those less fortunate and even become a member or a partner. Feel free to contact us for more information. Like our Facebook page and see what we’ve done.