New chairman & council for Vieille Case

by: Dominica Vibes News - January 10, 2017
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Some of the newly sworn in councilors; Anna Jno Jules, Micheline Valerie, and Peter Graneau (Photograph compliments of the Office of the Prime Minister)

A new chairman has been sworn in to serve the Vieille Case Village Council for the next three years.

Yoland Jno Jules, the current chairman of the Dominica Association of Local Community Authorities (DALCA), is the new chairperson. He takes over from Nurse Stella Skerrit LeBlanc, who served as chairperson for three consecutive terms.

The new council was sworn in during the twenty-seventh inaugural meeting of the council on Monday 9 January 2017 by Justice of the Peace, Valentine Joseph.

The other councilors are Anna Jno Jules, Micheline Valerie, George Williams, Brian LeBlanc, Christopher Elizee, Jerome Victor, and Peter Graneau.

“These six men and two women cannot do it alone. Let me call on the wider community to take up your social responsibilities and also participate in council’s programs and activities. Support your council, challenge them and give them constructive criticism but come forward and lend your hand and participate when you are called upon to do so,” acting district development officer for the north, Emma Charles encouraged the community.

To the councilors, Charles said, this is just the beginning and that the journey through the next three years will not be a smooth one.

“There will be obstacles and challenges in your way. Therefore, the onus is upon you to overcome these obstacles and challenges to accomplish your goals,” she said

Charles pledged the Local Government Department’s continued support to the council and encouraged the councilors to serve their community with integrity and humility.

“For over eighty years, the community of Vieille Case has maintained a stable local government system in this community and it’s important for the legacy of local government in Dominica. The commitment and leadership in community shows that the development of your community remains a shared responsibility and I want to publicly salute those persons who have been local government movers, those who add value to the quality of life in their communities,” she said in commendation of the community.

“As I encouraged other councilors in the past, I say to you, please draw on the principles of integrity, dedication, perseverance and humility as you seek to do your outmost in the service of your community and that of your wider Dominican community,” Charles added.

Stella Skerrit LeBlanc, the outgoing chairperson, thanked all the villagers who placed their trust in her over the years and pledged her continued support in the development of the community although she is no longer a serving councilor.

“I hope that many of you are disappointed that I did not seek reelection but one does not have to be a councilor to make his or her contribution in community,” LeBlanc said.

“Congratulations to the new council, we all can talk the good talk; it will be by your actions and your efforts that you will be judged. I do hope you shall build on the solid foundation which you will inherit from today,” she added.

Anna Jno Jules topped the village council election poll with eighty-nine votes on 12 December 2016. Her husband, Yoland Jno Jules obtained sixty-nine votes, Micheline Valerie sixty-eight, George Williams; sixty-four and Brian LeBlanc; fifty-six.

The new chairman, who gave a historical overview of the village, called on villagers to unite to develop the community.

Among the plans for the Vieille Case Village Council are to establish a vibrant adult education program, train more community emergency responders (CERT), rehabilitation of roads, building of a community centre, increase local economic opportunities, incentive for returnees and improve financial access for the youth.

“We need first of all, to achieve those things, we need to reunify Vieille Case… So we are going to hold meetings, we’re going to meet the community on a regular basis…we need organized and coordinated activities to involve everybody, not a few; we have no place for people to sit down in Vieille Case,” Jno Jules indicated.

Photographs compliments of the Office of the Prime Minister