Linton replies to threats against him

by: - January 6, 2017
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Opposition Leader, Lennox Linton

Opposition Leader Lennox Linton has called on Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit to fire the country’s ambassador to the US, Dr Vince Henderson.

Linton told a press conference on Friday that Henderson should be fired on the grounds that he did not deliver the invitation from CBS to the Prime Minister.

Earlier this week Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, in responding to a question from a reporter, said if the Opposition Leader discloses which minister threatened his life, that person would be fired.

Linton was allegedly threatened in a video made by Curtis Phillip earlier this week, after his appearance on CBS.

Skerrit said he does not know the gentleman who made the threatening statements about Linton but that if Linton has evidence to show that a minister of government, or a member of the Dominica Labour Party is orchestrating attacks on him, then he should go to the police and name these people.

“Because it is a serious threat, it’s a serious allegation and if you’re the Leader of the Opposition and you’re going to the public and say you know for a fact, then as a responsible citizen, you should go to the police and make a report to the CID desk or the Front Desk so that they can investigate the matter formally. But I can say categorically there’s no minister of government who can ever involve themselves in that and if he tells me that he can prove to me and the police investigate any minister, I’ll fire them today,” Skerrit said.

However, at Friday’s press conference, Linton said CBS News alleges that they had communicated with Ambassador Henderson seeking comments from the Prime Minister for the ’60 Minutes’ program.

“Well Mr. Prime Minister, it is now alleged by CBS news, that Vince Henderson was contacted on your behalf, and that Vince Henderson gave CBS the impression that you were talking with him in this interview. In light of this statement you made, the categoric statement that CBS news never contacted you, if in fact they contacted Ambassador Henderson, and you all had conversations, then it is time for Ambassador Henderson to go. If Ambassador Henderson doesn’t go, then it is time for you to go, or it is time for both of you to go,” Linton stated.

Linton said any attack on a life is a problem, but he has not made any report yet, as he wants to be very careful.

“Any threat to life is a serious matter. You don’t go through the trouble of making a video, that you post on social media, advocating that certain people is to be executed, and then those who are supposed to be executed say is a joke mister making. There is no joke involved in that. It’s a serious matter and it will be treated seriously. I am taking my time with it, because the response has to be very well done. I don’t want to miss a step,” Linton explained.

He added that not the threat to his life should not only be taken care of by the police, but also by the Government and its administration.

“A number of people must be made aware of this, and must be called out to act. It is not just the law enforcement in Dominica; it is not just the law enforcement in the United Kingdom, it is also the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, because it is members of the parliament in Dominica, that are members of that aghast body who has threatened me,” Linton claimed.

He added that he was threatened for looking objectively at what is happening in government and criticizing and disagreeing and proposing alternatives.

Phillip made another video a day later apologizing for his comments after the first one had gone viral, but Linton said he will not accept the apology.

“So, it’s going to be taken seriously. Do I accept the apology? No. this matter has two dimensions to it. There’s a message and there’s a carrier of the message. The carrier of the message is the video. He regrets making the video. He regrets that the video went viral. But to this day, the apology does not address the message, which is execute them, because they talking bad about the country. We don’t fool around with those things, this is a serious matter and it’s being taken very seriously,” Linton stated.