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New Year’s greetings from Roseau South MP

by: - January 3, 2017
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Member of Parliament for the Roseau South Constituency,
Joshua Francis (file photo)

By Joshua Francis, Attorney-at-Law & Roseau South MP


A most prosperous, happy and wonderful New Year 2017 to your home, community, constituency and Dominica!

I had a challenging year, 2016, I had several difficulties, some of which allowed me to reflect on whether I should continue in politics; I had to determine whether I should simply focus on my family and my law practice, be selfish and move-on with my life. I chose to continue to be a servant of the people.

I would not be satisfied if I were to surrender my efforts in the movement to make Dominica a better place to live and to enjoy life.
Furthermore, the difficulties were meant to make me stronger, wiser and better armed to serve. The difficulties were meant for my re-invention and to show my people that I am kind but not weak and negatively soft as some would say.

I believe in myself-my inner-strengths-my constituency and in my country. But above all, I believe in the creator of heaven and Earth, the author and finisher of my faith. And I’ve never had any doubt that the difficulties of 2016 have been divine to bless and raise me to do God’s work.

It is on that note I would like to express my most sincere gratitude for YOUR BEING WITH ME, WHETHER AS A CRITIC, A NAYSAYER, OR A SUPPORTER. For we did it together, you made your voice heard as I kept my calm during the storm. I took note of most things, if not all, that was said about me-on Facebook, radio, Instagram, television…

I gracefully absorbed the pain inflicted by my accusers, and destructive critics while I heartedly embraced the encouragement of my constructive critics, truest and genuine supporters.

My house and I are still standing, and once again, I say thank you!

We have now moved into a new calendar year, and I urge you to place the Creator of Heaven and Earth as your priority, take good care of your health, love and honor your parents, take excellent care of your family, respect your fellow brothers and sisters, and stand for truth, righteousness and Love. We must Stand for us, stand for Dominica.

In 2017 and beyond, on a political level, I confess that the opposition, Team Dominica, UWP is good for the country because it works to make Dominica a better place, even cooperating with the government when it is in the interests of the country. I am glad to be part of a Parliamentary opposition which has a viable program, capable and able leaders, and to persistently work to deliver its ideas.

In 2017, the Team Dominica, UWP Roseau South Constituency Association will continue to demonstrate a viable, alternative social, political and economic management strategy to better satisfy the interests of a diverse Roseau South Constituency and b) develop broad based political strategies targeting the diverse voting public to build voter confidence in the capability of the Team Dominica- United Workers Party as the next government of Dominica.

I ask the public to continue to reach out to all who were profoundly affected in 2016, whether the fire victims of New Town, Fire Victims of Silver Lake, displaced families of Paradise Valley, Bath Estate and the families of Petite Savanne, families who suffered loss of loved ones….

I call on the people of Roseau South Constituency and Dominica by extension to work diligently with unity in the interest of our constituency and our country, one, people, one love, one Dominica-God bless us!