Gholda James threatened with legal action

by: Dominica Vibes News - January 4, 2016
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Gholda James

Gholda James

Gholda James, who was arrested in London’s Gatwick Airport in 2013 after immigration officers found cocaine in her luggage, and later sentenced to four years and ten months in a United Kingdom jail, has been served with a legal notice requesting compensation for defamation.

James, who returned to Dominica last year, was issued a lawyer letter last week for posting an alleged defamatory statement on her Facebook page.

“Oh yes I did… You know Joseanne Andrew I could’ve named you in this and I didn’t. I should’ve though let the world know, that you gave me a bag and forgot to say….”oh, there is like a kilo of cocaine in there”. But anyway, I’m getting so much attention and the person behind all this is getting none. So I apologize for that. Oh… And thank you for almost letting me waste 2 years of my life. Almost because, well I’m productive, constructive cool Gholda J, I would have never allowed such a thing to break me down,” James posted on her Facebook page on 29 December 2015.

The legal letter issued to James by Dyer and Dyer Associates on behalf of Joseanne Andrew on 31 December 2015, stated that James defamed their client and imputed drug dealing allegations on her.

The letter further stated that James has caused their client’s image and reputation to be tarnished and lowered her esteem in the eyes of the right thinking members of society.

The letter demanded that James issues an apology and pay compensation of no less than one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) by today, Monday 4 January 2016, or else legal action will be taken against her.

When contacted, James told Dominica Vibes that she does not wish to comment, but confirmed that she will be getting legal representation.