Linton asked to apologize or face lawsuit

by: - May 28, 2014
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Tony-Astaphan3-300x264Political leader of the United Workers party Lennox Linton has been given 48 hours to apologize to government ministers and pay $1-million for statements he made at a youth rally on Sunday.

During his speech at the youth rally, Linton said Government ministers rape young people in exchange for public assistance at the expense of the state.

Senior Counsel Astaphan told a DLP radio program on Tuesday night that he has been authorized to pursue legal action on Linton if he fails to apologize within 48 hours.

“I have gotten the approval of the prime minister and the cabinet to issue a letter of demand tomorrow morning the letter will be prepared by the attorney at law served personally on mister Linton and he is to respond within 48 hours to retract and apologize and pay a compensation in the sum of one million EC dollars or face court action for his outrageous, reckless, intentional and dishonest allegations,” he said.

Mister Astaphan said if Linton does not apologize within 48 hours he will be sued collectively by the ministers of Cabinet.

lintonHe described the allegations by Linton as one that is indicative of a dangerous and demented mind.

“What he is saying is that misters of government rape young people, he identified them as the rapist by the use of the word ministers and everybody knew who he was referring to,” Astaphan said.

Mister Astaphan noted that the time has come to put an end to what he referred to as “gutter type politics that is affecting the country brought on by the united workers party and in particularly now Lennox Linton,”

Meanwhile, Linton told State owned DBS radio on Wednesday that he is prepared to go to court to defend the matter.

“Tony Astaphan can ask for what he wants, the statement I made is the statement I made, I stand by it and I will go to court and testify and there are people who are willing to come to court to testify as well so let mister Astaphan sue,”

“He is a lawyer for the government, he is a senior counsel he has a way of dealing with the business of clients in one way and then later on in life when it is convenient to him he comes with another story to suit his purpose, tell mister Astaphan, bring it on,” he Linton said.

When Dominica Vibes news contacted Mister Linton for further comments he was preparing to leave the island and said he would respond later.