PM Skerrit chides Opposition senator [audio included]

by: - October 1, 2013
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Opposition Senator, Ronnie Isidore

Opposition Senator, Ronnie Isidore

Opposition senator, Ronnie Isidore was on Tuesday scolded by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit after he called into a radio program which Mr Skerrit and Attorney General Levi Peter were guests on, and questioned the election process of President Elect Charles Savarin.

Mr Isidore, the United Workers Party senator for the Mahaut Constituency, asked the attorney general, what would have happened if the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader agreed on a joint nomine, then wrote to the Speaker indicating such, a Parliament sitting convened but then the nominee withdrew before the Parliament’s sitting.

Mr Peter responded that the question was “hypothetically irrelevant because it did not happen”. But, Mr Isidore did not agree with that response and sought to expound on the point.

“You are raising an issue that is hypothetical in nature; it does not come into play in the circumstances,” Mr Skerrit interjected and refused to allow him to continue the point as he was absent from Parliament yesterday.

“You are paid as a senator, you were not even elected…you are paid as a senator, you’re not paid to be on Facebook, you are paid to come to Parliament to debate the issues of the day and on the Order Paper,” he continued.

The Opposition boycotted Parliament yesterday in protest of Mr Savarin’s nomination as president; however they did not forward any nominees to the Speaker of the House of Assembly.

“Where were you, what were you doing yesterday that you were so busy that you couldn’t come to Parliament? Why didn’t you tell your leader that he should have submitted a name whether it is Sir Brian or Mrs Dorothy Leevy or yourself,” Mr Skerrit questioned.

He said further that had Mr Isidore attended yesterday’s sitting he would have received an opportunity to present his arguments whether for or against to the Parliament, which is the place to debate parliamentary issues.

Moreover, he explained that they are guests on the program to set aside the misinformation which has been put forward in the public by the Opposition that his government has acted in violation of the Constitution.

“What we’re saying to you, [because] it appears that you are the shadow attorney general in the Opposition, what you need to tell the people of Dominica is which section of the Constitution, or which provision of the Constitution in respect to the election of president of Dominica, that the government and indeed the Parliament has violated, which section?”

He also admonished Mr Isidore to be “more serious” about doing the work of the people whom he represents.

“You guys are just loitering the country, seeking to mislead the Dominican people, do not come to the Parliament to work, if you come to the Parliament it is to create confusion and then you want to talk about issues here Ronnie? Seriously?”

Mr Isidore, who interjected several times in an effort to respond but was unsuccessful, eventually hung up the telephone.

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