10 huge milestones in a love that lasts

by: - January 23, 2015
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Do you remember that first kiss, the first time you held hands or when you finally said “I love you?” These are just a few special milestones that commemorate relationships.

Some milestones you have in common with other couples, and some are strictly intimate. Either way, these moments are stepping stones toward a stronger connection between you and partner.

Here are 10 significant milestones in a long-term relationship:

When discussing money is not an issue

You no longer have reservations about discussing how much you earn. You feel comfortable enough to let your guard down.

Sharing social media passwords

You decide to exchange passwords without thinking twice. This is a sign you trust one another and there is nothing to hide.

No more dating sites or looking for love

You delete all dating sites you have on your cell phone or home computer. When it’s time to go out with friends, you are not going out on a hunt for love. You are going out just to have a good time with your friends.

Getting engaged

Here comes the marriage proposal you’ve been waiting for after years (or, in some cases, months) of being a couple. The how, when and where of the proposal are intimate moments that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Saying “I do.”

You’re at the altar, exchanging vows, saying “I do” and celebrating your love in front of family and friends. The idea of entering another stage in your relationship is refreshing and exciting.

Starting a family

You and your spouse decide it is time for a family of your own. Your first child is born. You are nervous — not sure what to expect. But you are overjoyed when you finally hold your child in your arms.

Comfortable around each other’s family

Some people feel edgy around their in-laws. They have to watch what they say or do. But somewhere down the line, the moment comes in which you overcome the uneasiness you feel around your in-laws and feel relaxed. You gain another set of parents.

Not afraid of honesty

You no longer feel the need to lie or tweak the truth for fear of a bad reaction. As bad as things may be, you respectfully speak with the truth.

Comfortable with the way you look

You don’t worry about brushing your hair or your teeth as soon as you wake up. You hug and kiss each other good morning before getting out of bed.

Spend your free time together

As much as you love and respect your friends, you choose to spend most of your time with your partner. You prefer to stay home, cook together and watch movies.