Dominica Social Security to increase numerous benefits in 2019

by: - November 23, 2018
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2019 will see an increase in numerous benefits offered currently by the Dominica Social Security.

That was announced by the Deputy Director of the Dominica Social Security Augustus Etienne, on Thursday November 22 2018.

Ettiene noted that pensions that were being paid at the end of 2017 are in due of an adjustment, as they are reviewed and adjusted every three years.

He noted that currently a minimum pension of seventy five dollars a week is being paid by the DSS, adding that those pensions are adjusted over time to make it more relevant.

“In addition to the increase of the minimum pension, it is legislated that every three years, pensions in payment have to be increased by the average rate of inflation of the preceding three years. And come March next year, those pensions that were in payment at the end of 2017 are due for a cost of living adjustment, to restore the purchasing part of their pension that would have been eroded by inflation,” Ettiene noted.

He went on to state that they “also have projected increases in the funeral grants that are being paid as well as an increase in the maternity grants that is paid when a woman has a baby.”

“We pay at the moment a grant of five hundred dollars on confinement of a child per child and that is scheduled to increase in March of 2019. We will give the specifics at a later date, but those are scheduled to happen every three years,” Ettiene further added.