How Much Is Being Single and Dating Costing You?.

by: - April 19, 2011
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Sometimes, I just want to give up on dating. Not because of the terrible first dates or the annoying guy bullsh&* that almost always comes in to play (oh wait, you have a secret girlfriend? Cool…), but because it’s expensive!

I cringe when I think about how much it costs to make sure I’m in top dating shape — this means my hair and nails are done, my skin is the right shade of faux tan, and I have a new sexy outfit with the shoes to match.


According to a new survey conducted by, I’m not alone in worrying about my dating life and its deductions from my bank account. Of the 550 single U.S. men and women who participated in their poll, 53 percent of women are like me, in that they spend more money in getting ready for a date than when they’re actually on one (65 percent spend more than $50 getting ready… sounds familiar!).

As you would expect, it’s during the date when guys start reaching into their wallets. According to the poll, over half of men are spending $50+ on a date. What’s really interesting is that they’re three times more likely to think how much they shell out is important.

But really, us women couldn’t care less. In fact, 58 percent of us prefer a short, sweet, inexpensive date over a fancy one, and we wouldn’t even mind if a guy used a coupon to pay. Most of us are modern and totally realistic about how the first date should not put the poor dude into debt. We don’t need fireworks, a 5-course dinner, and a horse-drawn carriage ride home to like you (although, we wouldn’t object if that was your plan). Meeting for coffee will do.

However, there is a spending habit that guys can royally screw up on a date, which will have us running for the hills. And that, my friends, is if he is cheap when it comes to tipping, donating, or tithing — and the same goes for women. A whopping 82 percent of singles take these kinds of financial actions into account. In other words, no tip, no second date.

A girl’s got to have standards.

So, I’m curious: do your spending habits on a date or getting ready for one match up with these results? Do you even worry about how much money it’s costing you to be single and looking, or is money no object for you when it comes to finding l-o-v-e?

Faye Brennan is assistant editor at BettyConfidential.