Plant Nursery and Disaster Mitigation for Kalinago Territory

by: - June 17, 2020
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Honorable Minister for the Environment and Rural Modernization, Cozier Frederick

A project from the Ministry of the Environment, Rural Modernization and Kalinago Upliftment in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme is promised to bring plant nurseries to the Kalinago Territory.

Hon Minister and Parliamentary Representative, Cozier Frederick said the Million Trees project will build eight plant nurseries across the island in a reforestation drive.

“Of significance importance is the establishment of one of these nurseries in the Concord Valley, with the endorsement of the Kalinago Council,” he said adding that the fencing and the pumice floor of the facility are nearly complete.

“This nursery provides direct support to all residents of the Salybia constituency through the provision of plantlets to support agro forestry as an opportunity to generate income, which ultimately adds value to the development of a dynamic Dominica,” according to Hon Frederick.

This is one of several projects according to the Ministry that will bring stimulation to the Salybia Constituency.

The National Employment Programme established by Government in 2013 will be redirected in the territory to have employees engaged in disaster preparation in the natural environment.

He explained, “We will focus on doing mitigation work in areas which are prone to flooding and landslides with particular attention paid to vulnerable groups within the ten hamlets across the jurisdiction.

“Activities being undertaken include unblocking of drains and culverts, pruning of overhanging trees, collections of white goods and other related preparedness activities.

He says NEP workers deployed in the Kalinago Territory represent seven percent of the programme’s entire workforce.