Community Testing and Survey Almost Complete

by: - June 3, 2020
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Dr Shalauddin Ahmed at Min of Health Press Briefing

The Ministry of Health is reporting that its Community Testing Programme is going well with 72% of the 600 households to be sampled tested so far.

Epidemiologist, Dr Shalauddin Ahmed said Friday that 800 individuals have been tested; two reacted to the rapid tests but were later cleared by molecular testing. Dr Ahmed said those individuals may have developed antibodies to the virus.

This happens if infection occurred in the body and was successfully eliminated.

He explained that, “Ninety-nine per cent of the participants were non-reactive to the rapid test so based on the information that is available at this time, it is very likely that there is no community transmission.

“In general, the people are very receptive especially in Laplaine, St Joseph and Grandbay health districts. The response from these three health districts is 100%. Our active surveillance continues and the Ministry of Health will keep the government and general public duly informed and updated.”

The Health Ministry says only the Roseau Health district, the largest, will be left to complete its allotted number of home tests. Dr Ahmed said that by early this week, the community testing and surveys will be complete.

The approach was to conduct these tests in 600 random homes in all seven health districts.

Dr Ahmed assures that the final analysis will be reported to the public.