Quarantine Fatigue Blamed for Lapse in Restriction Compliance

by: - May 20, 2020
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                             Lesley-Ann Waldron Martin

Quarantine fatigue is being blamed for a new laxness toward compliance with the guidelines established to keep the coronavirus at bay in Dominica.

Lesley-Ann Waldron Martin, clinical psychologist at the Dominica China Friendship Hospital in discussing mental health coping and tips, said it is normal to grow tired of the new standard.

“Quarantine fatigue is how we are currently feeling about quarantine, isolation, physical distancing and other stipulated practices like masks and gloves,” she said.

Waldron Martin added, “As social beings, our present inability to be fully social may cause us to experience negative feelings such as anxiety stress and even extreme anger. These negative feelings may be the cause of the recent lapse and defiance of the boundaries related to curfew and wearing masks, many echo the strain that right now it is simply becoming too much to bear.”

She recommends creating a new standard for daily life with Covid19.

Those new tenets of acceptable group conduct should include the guidelines that have been proven to prevent the spread of the coronavirus: the wearing of masks, proper hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette and physical distancing.

Martin says establishing those practices as widely acceptable custom will help the public cope with quarantine fatigue and therefore called on community and church leaders, work colleagues and family members to start the discussion.

“Social norms play a major role in shaping behaviour and a collective effort to uphold behaviour will make these practices more socially-acceptable.”