Backyard Gardening Programme Specifically for Urban Areas in Planning Phase

by: - May 20, 2020
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The unexpected scale of the response to the backyard gardening programme has led the Agriculture Ministry to develop a second programme for the urban areas.

Ryan Anselm, Technical Officer for Projects and Services in the Division of Agriculture told Vibes News that the authorities are particularly encouraged by the number of rural women showing significant interest in growing their own food.

He says a large number of the respondents are women from Tete Morne, Grand Bay, the Kalinago Territory and other out districts.

A desire to include and encourage the practise in the city districts has led to a new initiative.

“We’re going to launch an Urban Agriculture Programme for Roseau central and environs and Portsmouth,” Anselm said. “We believe that launching this programme will have urban residents developing pot and container culture for those with limited land space.”

Anselm, himself a self-proclaimed product of farm-to-table detailed, “It’s all about improving the lives of people so they can eat healthy. We’re not saying that the imported vegetables and produce are not healthy but if you eat what you grow, it will be healthier for you. We are also promoting organic.”

He listed rainwater harvesting, raised beds and the use of old appliances as ways to allow urban residents access to food and nutrition security.

Agriculture officials have said the hope is to roll out the long term programme after the commencement of the new financial year.