“We Have Things Under Control” -Min of Health on Coronavirus

by: - January 29, 2020
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                       Honorable Minister for Health and Social Services,Dr. Irving McIntyre

The Ministry of Health is telling Dominicans to “relax” and not fear the rapidly spreading coronavirus.

The highly contagious flu-like illness has spread from Wuhan, China to several countries so far killing 132 and sickening close to 6,000.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Hon Health Minister, Dr Irving McIntyre said his ministry has taken precautionary steps to protect the local population.

He assures that the health sector is ready to handle any potential cases and that protocols established in 2007 to handle foreign illnesses have been reviewed and improved annually.

“I think the Ministry of Health is very much on top of its game; as matter of fact we started since Jan 10th. It’s nothing new to us now. We have those plans in place; it’s all a matter of reactivating those plans,” he said referring to the National Pandemic Influenza Plan.”

Dr McIntyre explained, “This group was formed in 2007 and it’s just a matter of now and then reactivating when we end up in such situations. It’s just the usual thing we do when we have such illnesses arising out of the blue.

“This one in particular is a new one so we are being extremely precautious in that regard. We are educating the staff and public. With these measures in place we can all relax and say yes, we have things under control.”

He also disclosed that Chinese nationals in Dominica are now restricted from travelling back home as the virus is monitored.