Drug Abuse Prevention Unit to Hold Drug Abuse Awareness Rally

by: - January 22, 2020
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Castle Bruce will play host to a Drug Abuse Prevention Rally this Friday as part of drug awareness month.

Drug awareness month is celebrated in January 2020, under the theme, “health for justice, justice for health.

Drug Prevention Officer, Gem Eloi says the rally will use primary school students to communicate the message.

“Basically what we do is go to particular community as a team and we literally walk through the community, meet people and discuss the dangers of drugs, if they have any questions, we do our best to answer.”

“We will meet at the playing field and we will have a march to the hard court where we will have a few performances by the students of the primary schools in the area and also the Castle Bruce Secondary School,” Eloi explained.

She further reiterated that, “Drug awareness is not only for the youth, it’s for everybody.”

As carnival season heats up, the Drug Abuse Prevention Unit is pleading for users to manage consumption of alcohol and completely abstain from illegal substances.

“The thing about alcohol is that once it’s in your system, the only way out is through your liver breaking it down. You’ve heard the word intoxicated already, when someone is really drunk, it implies that alcohol itself is a toxin and our body gets rid of toxins via the liver. So anytime you drink alcohol, the only way it gets out of your system is through your liver.  “

Eloi reported that the Unit observes a higher percentage of alcohol intake and drug abuse during the festive season.


Drug Abuse Prevention Officer, Gem Eloi