BPW Pledges to Fight for Victims of Incest

by: - January 20, 2020
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The Dominica chapter of Business and Professional Women says this year, the organisation will champion the cause of children sexually abused by relatives.

Chapter President, Rhoda St John says the full scale of the scourge is kept under wraps but her organisation will bring the issue to the fore to protect the next generations of leaders.

“We have a secret in Dominica which a lot of people don’t know but I’m going to reveal it. ” she began.

“Too often we see incest happening in our country and it is all covered up because nobody wants [Dominica] to look so bad. Yes, we are a beautiful island but if we have damaged generations, we will have a damaged future. To prevent that, we need to protect our generations now- our young people.”

She was speaking at an event to outline the group’s 2020 calendar of events.

St John says while BPW puts on events to empower and develop women this year, it will also speak out for hurting children.

“We’re going to be fighting for the rights of the child, the protection of the child and the future of the child.”