Reparations Committee Wants Reparations to Pay for Education

by: - December 31, 2019
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                      Franklyn Georges of Dominica Reparations Committee

The Dominica Reparations Committee says it hopes to re-educate Dominican youth in 2020.

The purpose of the nine-member committee is to establish the moral, ethical and legal case for the payment of reparations by the former colonial European countries, to the native and people of the Caribbean community, for native genocide, the transatlantic slave trade and a racialized system of chattel slavery.

In an interview with Dominica Vibes, Franklyn Georges of the Dominica Reparations Committee,  says that he hopes to see the committee’s funds channeled into the re-education of youth.

“I’m talking about education where our children could go to university, get educated also, get re-educated that they can carry on the work that we are doing. We want to re-educate our children that one day they will take their rightful place,” Georges pleaded.

He also believes that the youth are misinformed about reparations, stating that, “Our children are miseducated, they don’t really understand the word ‘reparation’, and they think it’s just to give them money. I hope that in the coming years and in the coming time, we educate our people and we get more committed people on the Reparations Committee to do the work and also to work with the rest of the world.”