Social Welfare Division Streamlines Assistance Programmes

by: - December 17, 2019
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Chief Welfare Officer, Leroy Morvan says the process of acquiring public assistance will soon be more streamlined with the establishment of a record of public assistance.

A document is has been drafted with guidelines that would rectify the issue of welfare officers having differing views of who qualifies for assistance.

Morvan said, “After Hurricane Maria, when UNICEF came onboard, they found some loopholes in the public assistance programme. They founded the public Assistance Operation Manual. It is still in draft form, and has been presented for Cabinet’s approval. This manual would be a guide: who should qualify, who should not qualify, among other things. So the manual would help guide officers as to how they go about doing investigation for public assistance, and even to investigate child care matters.”

The Chief Welfare Officer says following approval from Cabinet, each welfare officer will be asking the same questions, and seeking the same indications in determining the applicants who qualify for public assistance.

There is also a project through which all forms of government welfare will have the same database and public assistance will be recorded.

Morvan explained, “We are developing our database system, and information management system. The information we will getting will be placed in our system, and we will be able to bettertrack  persons who are on public assistance.

“What we are trying to do, after we update, or have our system fully operational, we would like it to be linked with other social programmes islandwide. For instance, Education Trust would have their own system. So they could be linked and no one person could benefit from all the programs at the same time.”