National Youth Council to Youth: Partake in Independence

by: - October 14, 2019
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The National Youth Council wants young people to immerse themselves in the independence activities.

President of the NYC, Paul Baron told Dominica Vibes that that participation must be wholesome and patriotic.

“We want to encourage young people to partake in the activities and to have clean, social fun,” he said “Anywhere activities are taking place, there are sometimes some degree of anti-social activity and we want to encourage clean, social fun.”

He also says, to help young people better appreciate the significance of independence and sovereignty, they should make time to learn from their elders since they have the experience of living in a pre-independent Dominica.

Apart from partaking in the activities at schools, communities and districts, he says to young people, “Spend some time with your grandparents particularly because they have the experiences of 40 years ago.”