Minister of Security describes Cannabis Consultation as Timely

by: - November 20, 2018
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Minister for Justice, Immigration and National Security, Rayburn Blackmoore

Minister of Justice, Immigration and National Security Rayburn Blackmoore said discussions about cannabis are very important and timely.

Mr. Blackmoore was at the time addressing the first National Cannabis Consultation on Friday at the Goodwill Parish Hall.

“We do not intend to remain asleep on this important issue of Cannabis. Maturity dictates that it is time to have mature discussions on Cannabis. The issue of whether we allow the use of medical or recreational Cannabis has been and continue to be a burning topic,” Blackmoore stated.

Mr. Blackmoore said one of the greatest interest, is the medical value of Cannabis and how Dominica can maximize and draw from this fully.

Mr. Blackmoore said there has been years of research on Cannabis.

“We need as a nation to look at how Cannabis can help us and also how Cannabis can hurt us,”Blackmoore noted.

Mr. Blackmoore said discussions on Cannabis, will help to develop a template, as to which direction to take as a mature nation.