Dominica to introduce program to reduce diabetic amputations

by: - May 8, 2018
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Minister responsible for Health and Social Services, Dr. Kenneth Darroux

A pilot program to introduce a new pharmaceutical dubbed Heberprot-P, which reduces amputations associated with diabetes, will soon be launched here by the Ministry of Health and Social Services.

This was announced by the Minister responsible for Health Dr. Kenneth Darroux who was speaking at a press conference held last week.

According to the website ‘Cuba Heal’ Heberprot-P is an innovative Cuban product with epidermal growth factor as the main ingredient given to patients suffering from ulcers that are non-healing and non-responding to other conventional treatments.

“We are about to start a pilot programme to involve forty-five patients, meaning of course, diabetic patients with varying degrees of foot ulcers,” Dr. Darroux indicated.

Diabetic foot ulcer, as per ‘Cuba Heal’, occurs when an ulcer or a wound develops in an area in the lower legs or feet which does not heal or is difficult to treat leading to the exposure of the underlying tissue and becoming susceptible to infections.

“We know foot ulcers are a common occurrence among patients with diabetes. This product gets injected into the ulcer, and in little as three months you can begin to see serious visible results,” Dr. Darroux stated.

He added that the drug is now highly demanded in regional countries as well as around the world to include China, America, and France.

The Ministry of Health and Social Services is seeking the services of an angiologist to help to evaluate and assess the patients because the ulcers will have to be in varying degrees.

This is important as Dr. Darroux explained that the patients will have to be in some sort of admission in a hospital like setting to begin the program which will include patients from all eight health districts.

Dr. Darroux also noted that funding for the program has been secured, and the director of the company will be visiting Dominica in the upcoming weeks to help finalize plans to start this programme.

Heberprot-P was registered in Cuba in 2006, and in 2007 was included in the National Basic Medications List and approved for marketing.

It has been registered in 15 other countries, enabling treatment of more than 100,000 patients. Heberprot-P is a unique therapy for the most complicated and recalcitrant chronic wounds usually associated with high amputation risk.