Catholic Church Hosts Bible Week

by: - September 23, 2016
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By: Curvia John

The Diocesan Pastoral Center will be hosting a symposium on the Bible and Creation during Bible Week 2016.

The theme for this year’s Bible Week is ‘Ignorance of Scripture, is Ignorance of Christ’ and runs from September 25th 2016 to September 30th 2016.

A press conference detailing Bible Week was held at the Dominica Catholic Radio on Thursday, September 22, 2016.

Monsignor William Jno Lewis told the press conference that the symposium is to explain creation based on the Bible.

“This press conference is to speak about Bible Week 2016, and part of Bible week is a symposium on creation, based on the Holy Father’s encyclical. We are having Bible week to place emphasis on the scriptures, because clearly the scriptures play a very big part in all of our lives and we just want to focus on that,” he noted.

Sister Lorraine Royer said that a pageant portraying prominent biblical figures will be held during Bible Week.

“We are suggesting that parishes could have a pageant of biblical figures. The figures dressed in costumes will introduce themselves to the audience. This activity will be well suited to parish youth groups, confirmation candidates, and schools. It’s also a way of getting to know the biblical personages in the scriptures, like Tabitha and Zechariah and so forth,” Royer stated.

Royer also asked the parishes to have Bible quizzes to test the youth’s knowledge of the Bible.

“Another suggestion is Bible quizzes on the names, places and events in the Bible and this could be a daily event in our Catholic schools. This will help us to know the scriptures. We also want to reemphasize is the enthronement of the Bible in our homes, to ensure that the Bible is an important part of your daily lives,” Royer further added.

According to Jno Lewis, the theme was chosen in honor of St. Jerome and he asked the parishes to celebrate him during the week.

“The theme of the week is taken from Saint Jerome, and we actually chose that theme because the end of Bible week is the feast of Saint Jerome, so we will end the week with that feast. We are suggesting that all the parishes could mark the ending of the week, with a special word service in honor of Saint Jerome,” Jno Lewis told the press conference.

Jno Lewis also stated that the symposium came about from a course that he participated.

This symposium came as a result of a course that we did on the encyclical, and many of the participants felt that somehow the course needed a larger audience. So we planned a symposium and we have invited a panel of five individuals who will speak on various aspects of creation and the environment,” Jno Lewis added.

The symposium which is carded for the 29th of September 2016, will focus on Pollution and Climate Change, the issue of water, Loss of Biodiversity, Decline in the equality of human life and the breakdown of society as well as Global Inequality. These themes were all taken from the encyclical.