Grand Bazar & Family Fun Day to raise funds for Cathedral

by: Dominica Vibes News - July 15, 2016
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Valentine Cuffy, Chairperson of the event.

Valentine Cuffy, Chairperson of the event.

With 3.6 million dollars needed to complete the Roseau Cathedral, a major fund raising initiative has been planned to assist in financing the project.

A grand bazar and family fun day is being planned for Sunday August 14, 2016 at the St. Mary’s Academy grounds on Turkey Lane, Roseau.

The church has already raised over six million dollars for the project but over five million has been spent.

Speaking at a Press conference on Thursday 14 July to update the public on the progress of the project, chairperson of the event, Valentine Cuffy called on all Catholics to support the activities.

“We don’t want them to only come and support the Feast of the Cathedral of Fair Haven, but to come and support the Cathedral fund raising venture. The Cathedral is the seat of power of the Catholic Church here in Dominica, and a tourist attraction figure and it being how it is now, is not too good for us”.

Cuffy informed that the activity will begin at 2pm and end at 9pm with entertainment from the Signal Band, Extasy Band and the First Serenade Band, in addition to local DJ’s.

“There is going to be a lot games for the kids, lots of food and drinks on sale, raffles for phones and tickets from L’ Express des Iles, bouncing castle for the children and lots more,” he indicated.

According to Cuffy, the bouncing castle will be set up at the old church venue so that people can see the work that has to be done, in addition to domino competitions for those who wish to participate.
He further called on Catholics in the corporate community to play their part and support the event.

“It is our hope too that this Bazar and Family Fun Day that the clergy can develop it into something that Catholics can keep together to celebrate and have fun.”

Events Facility Coordinator Anthony Leblanc stated that it is imperative that Catholics donate funds towards completing the cathedral.

“The Cathedral is a building of important historical significance and also a tourism site. The Diocese is not allowed to do what it wants with the Cathedral, it has to be renovated in pretty much the same form that it was to maintain the historical and touristic value”.

Leblanc noted that while the Bishop is optimistic that the project will be completed by 2018 this can only be realized if people commit the requisite funding.

Meanwhile, Bishop of Roseau Gabriele Malzaire encouraged citizens to consider the fundraising factor which he said can come in many different ways.

“In big ways and in little ways; the people who want to bequeath those who have a lot in the bank and think that their time on earth is not too long, they can pass all of it to the church, of course not forgetting their children.”

Bishop Malzaire also called on business owners to consider the church when they are preparing their budgets.