WINAIR adds 3 new destinations

by: - January 25, 2016
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Airport Road, January 23, 2016 – WINAIR has successfully added three new destinations to the winter 2015/2016 schedule. In addition WINAIR has increased frequencies of flights to St. Kitts, Nevis and Tortola.

January 19th, 2016 WINAIR commenced scheduled service to Antigua, providing easy connection to the UK and Europe from St. Maarten, Nevis and St. Kitts.

route Frequency Departure time Arrival time
SXM – ANU Tue, Thu 2.25pm 4.10pm
SKB – ANU Tue, Thu 3.10pm 4.10pm
NEV – ANU Tue, Thu 3.40pm 4.10pm
ANU – SKB Tue, Thu 5.25pm 5.55pm
ANU – NEV Tue, Thu 5.25pm 6.25pm
route Frequency Departure time Arrival time
SXM – ANU Sun 3.50pm 5.35pm
SKB – ANU Sun 4.35pm 5.35pm
NEV – ANU Sun 5.05pm 5.35pm
ANU – SKB Sun 6.00pm 6.30pm
ANU – NEV Sun 6.00pm 7.00pm

Canefield, Dominica

Following WINAIR’s temporary service to Canefield, Dominica with their Twin Otters WINAIR has started scheduled service to Canefield, Dominica (DCF) three times a week. The response both in St. Maarten and Dominica has been positive, since in contrast to Douglas Charles Airport (DOM), Canefield is 5 minutes away from the centre of capital Roseau. The convenience this scheduled service now offers those who are traveling to Dominica’s capital Roseau additional choices.

Combined with the scheduled ATR service to Douglas Charles airport WINAIR continues to offer daily service to the Island Dominica!

Schedule as of January 7, 2016:

route Frequency Departure time Arrival time
SXM-DCF Tue, Thu, Fri 7.30am 9.00am
DCF-SXM Tue, Thu, Fri 9.30am 11.00am


San Juan, Puerto Rico

November 28, 2015 WINAIR and our partner Air Antilles commenced service to San Juan, Puerto Rico utilizing ATR 500 aircraft. The flights depart St. Maarten to San Juan at 11.30am and San Juan to St. Maarten at 2.30pm on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. This offers convenient connections to WINAIR’s route network.

For booking information please contact your favorite travel agent or visit WINAIR online at

Windward Islands Airways International N.V., better known as WINAIR, is a government owned regional airline and was founded in 1961. It operates 5 de Havilland Twin-Otter aircraft and 1 ATR-42 500/600 aircraft.