Ladies…The best gift for your man this Christmas…

by: Vanessa Bruno - December 24, 2014
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Christmas romance

I know that some of you have been wondering what to give your man this Christmas. Yes you may want to get something from the store or you may have ordered something online; but let me remind you of the true meaning of Christmas… It is love. Love comprises attention, appreciation, admiration and affection. Give that you to honey this Christmas and you’ll be making heatwaves in the cold!!!

Let’s start with attention. Next time that hunk walks in from work or wherever it is he came from, drop everything you’re doing and give him a long lingering kiss. This is the first spark. Make him feel like you’ve been waiting all day for him to be back in your arms. Take time to ask him about his day, and if he had a hard day, give him a little neck rub. Be sure to make your hands stray…

Never forget to let your sunshine know how much you appreciate him. If you asked him what he wanted for Christmas and his answer was appreciation, what would you do? I know what I’d do, ‘cause I do it all the time. You can use these words if you’d like, I have no copyright on them… “Darling, thanks for being you. I love you, I appreciate you and I want to have you in my life, in my arms, in my bed always.” That’s your man; don’t be afraid to get all sexy with him.

Now if you didn’t admire him, you wouldn’t be with him let alone have kids with him… so guess what; let him see it in your eyes. We’ve been told that the eyes are a gateway to the soul. Let that admiration shine through; and say it! Men are fragile; they love being pampered and they simply love flattery. Make your man feel like he is your king.

Compliment him, try some playful teasing; these are some great ways to keep a measure of tantalizing excitement in the relationship. One woman playfully fawns over her husband’s muscles. Another husband repeatedly reminds his wife that to him she is HOT, reinforcing his love and admiration for only her!

Highlighting your husband’s admirable qualities not only provides encouragement to him, but also keeps these qualities forefront in your own mind. These messages as well as many others can regularly remind your honey that he is the one and only for you.

Physical affection is often high on the priority list for many husbands. There are few things that communicate to a man your love, appreciation, admiration, and attention than physical affection. April and Julie took their commitment to giving love and attention to their husbands to the next level by creating delightful gift sets for other wives to more easily give the gift of affection to their honeys during the holiday season.

I was delighted to be a test case for their Love2Romance Christmas Deer kit. I felt like a kid again to be surprising my sweetie with unsuspected opportunities for romance amidst the holiday hustle and bustle. It wasn’t always easy to make the extra effort, but it was worth it.

Husbands know how much time and effort go into holiday preparations. Any extra act of love toward them is often seen in light of the sacrifices it may require. The sacrifice makes the gift all the more sweet.

This holiday season I hope we will all reflect on the need to make our partners a priority, especially during such a busy time. It is the marriage first and foremost, that makes a family strong. By strengthening your marriage you naturally strengthen the whole family.

The best gift you can give your kids is for them to see their mom and dad in love with each other. Putting your time and effort into making the holidays happier for your husband inevitably makes the holidays happier for you and your children as well.

~ Happy holidays to you and yours during this special Christmas season of love! ~