Miami street artist with no arms accused of stabbing tourist with feet

by: The Independent - July 12, 2018
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Jonathan Crenshaw, a Miami street artist with a reportedly troubled past who paints using his feet, has become a local well-known figure in Miami Beach. ( YouTube )

A well-known Miami street artist with no arms arrested after allegedly stabbing a tourist, using his feet.

Jonathan Crenshaw, 46, has been accused of assaulting 22-year-old Cesar Coronado with a pair of scissors. The artist is said to have picked up the tool using his feet and stabbed the tourist in his left arm, according to statements Mr Coronado and his friend provided to the Miami Beach police department.

Mr Crenshaw has been charged with aggravated battery using a deadly weapon. He claims Mr Coronado was the one who attacked him, however.

According to Mr Crenshaw, the tourist walked up to him as he was sleeping and punched him the face, causing him to act in self-defence. He currently remains in jail while awaiting trial.

Police found the victim lying on the ground in Collins Avenue, a popular destination for tourists. He was bleeding from the arm, according to a police report.

The report says Mr Crenshaw stabbed Mr Coronado twice with scissors, which he put back into his waistband before walking away.Mr Coronado’s friend told authorities the man who stabbed him had no arms and ran off before they arrived.

Mr Crenshaw has lived on South Beach for years, painting for gawking tourists who pay around $60 to watch him work with his feet and take home a canvas.

He has been profiled by multiple news outlets, often describing a difficult childhood and family life, though why he does not have his arms remains unknown.