WCK cut ties with lead singer

by: - August 23, 2022
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Pioneers of bouyon music, the WCK band has announced that a collective decision has been taken to cut ties with lead singer, Derrek “Rah” Peters.

This is as a result of years of intolerable behavior of the aforementioned according the WCK through a press release.

The WCK band says that “For some time now, we have been listening in disbelief to destructive statements and reading comments from a contributor to the WCK band and Bouyon music.”

It further added, “We regret that after so many years the individual has and continues to launch attacks on WCK and its entire membership.

The band has been included in lineup for this year’s 2022 World Creole Music Festival carded for October 28-30.

And that was an automated voice clipping from the WCK band.

The band says it has made several attempts to address its internal issues discreetly, however, many issues remains unresolved primarily because of behaviors and activities of Peters.

The band also says that the individual has made public that he received a letter from WCK and has misled the public on social media about the contents of that letter.

WCK, through its press release called on Derek “Rah” Peters to make this letter in its entirety as signed by the signatories’ public in order to verify his allegations.

And that, once again was an automated voice clipping from the WCK band.