by: - July 15, 2022
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Roseau, Dominica– It has been long anticipated and; it is finally here. New rising star artist, Josiah Yorke who goes by the stage name “SAIYAH”, officially released his first ever debut single entitled ‘Before I Go’, on July 14th, 2022 at 12 PM EST.

SAIYAH is a 22-year-old R&B singer & songwriter who is of Dominican heritage and was born in St. Martin but has been residing in Dominica over the last ten (10) years. He credits the success that his pre-release has garnered so far to his dad; whom he has noted to be a major source of encouragement and motivation to his career and therefore sought to honor him by debuting the song on his birthday. The Before I Go singer has shared that he has definitely been feeling overwhelmed “in the best way possible”.

“A year ago, doing something like this was just a dream to me. I’ve always wanted to release my own music and be the type of artist to bring something new and something that’s different to Dominica and I’m so happy that I’ve finally gotten the chance to do it”, he stated.


“Before I Go is a song that is about more than just relationships, flings and heartbreaks. It’s something that’s really near and dear to me- as is every project, but all of this is sort of beginning with Before I Go. As an artist people always see you as the person who always goes out there, fights for your dreams, sticks to the plan and achieves your goals at the end of the day but what they don’t usually tell you is what it takes from you to get there.

Before I Go was what gave that to me. I’ve written songs before, recorded them and placed them out there for people to hear but for once I’m actually feeling capable and empowered and this project did that for me”, SAIYAH added. He also hinted to future projects and stated that there is still a lot more to come and he is equally excited for their releases and eventually a chance to perform them on the big


“Last but not least, I really want to thank everyone who has definitely contributed to this project in one way or another which has made it the success I know it’s going to turn out to be. Major thanks to God for carrying me through and giving me the ability to work on realizing this project. Special thanks as well to my family and friends, the Waitu Music Label under the co-leadership of Mr. Lindsay George and Ms. Joyette Pascal, Khaz Media Productions, Bobos Records & the AstraMedia Management Group for working with me tirelessly to ensure that everyone got the chance to experience Before I Go the way I have imagined it for so long.”

The single can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes Store, Amazon Music, Deezer, Napster, Tidal and Pandora.