Twenty-Six students graduate from the Social Centre Model Preschool

by: - June 30, 2022
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Twenty-Six students from the Social Centre Model Preschool, officially graduated following their Send Off Ceremony, held this morning. With just 19 boys and 7 girls, the children celebrated their 48th graduation ceremony and 11th Send Off Ceremony with their parents, teachers and friends.

Coordinator of the Social Centre, Ms. Norma Cyrille explained that due to the pandemic, the children were home learning virtually for majority of their preschool career, and were only face-to-face for three (3) months.

“As always, for all of us at the Social Centre, it is a pleasure to interact face-to-face with these little ones. This year, it was not for a long period, we only had them for about three months due to COVID. The lockdown of schools due to COVID-19 from September 2021 to April 2022, limited the interactions with this group of preschoolers, and we’re really sorry that they missed out on their whole preschool experience.”

Regardless of how little they had the children for, Ms. Cyrille indicated that she feels confident that they are well prepared for the next step of their educational career.

Meanwhile, featured speaker at the ceremony was Reigning Calypso Monarch, Tasha “Tasha P” Peltier, who, surprisingly, was a past student of the Social Centre Model Preschool. She stated that the children are all ready to go onto their next stage of life, after being successfully prepared for the world by the institution.

“These little ones, who have graduated today, you are all ready to go. Coming from one of the best, if not the most impressive preschool in Dominica, you the boys and girls of the Model Preschool, have been nurtured, cared for, guided, protected, and spoilt in all the love and taught to be at your best. Each of you, are equipped and prepared for the next stage of your education, primary school. They attended the best preschool, they had the best teachers and caretakers, they had the best beginning, they have the best parents, who made the best choices of if they should start and where they should start.”