New Inspection Hours for Export of Fresh Produce via Long House Port

by: - June 22, 2022
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Plant Protection and Quarantine Officer, Nelson Laville

The Ministry of Blue and Green Economy, Agriculture and National Food Security’s, Plant Protection and Quarantine unit has announced new inspection hours for export of fresh produce via the Long House Port in Portsmouth.

Head of the Plant Protection and Quarantine Unit, Nelson Laville says the decision to amend the hours for inspection is as a result of the increase in the number of non-compliance reports being received by the Unit as regards to the exported fresh produce from Dominica to regional territories.

“We are attempting to put measures in place to reduce the number of non-compliance reports that we’ve been getting from our trading partners. When we did our troubleshooting and discussions with agents and along with other partners on the port, one of the things that we’ve identified is the times for inspections,” Laville said.

He indicated that persons have been coming to the port late at nights to drop off their produce but inspection at that time is not be adequately covered.

“All of these creates an opportunity for non-compliance, contamination of consignments after inspection and all those different things.”

A non compliance report means that the receiving countries Plant Health or Inspection services, upon receipt and inspection of the goods, has cited the presence of pests and/or disease in the produce or the packaging.

Laville says this can result in strict import measures or even a ban placed on all ALL produce from ANY Dominican based exporter.

The Plant Protection and Quarantine Service has taken this proactive approach and will now undertake inspections during the hours of 9.00am and 6.30pm ONLY.

This is to ensure that the produce is inspected more thoroughly before it is cleared for export.

“So one of the actions that we are taking would be to standardize the times for inspections. So we’re looking at this, we had discussions earlier on with the agents and we agreed that inspection times will be from nine in the morning until six-thirty in the evening. The inspection will carry on until six-thirty but we will inspect no consignments which comes in after six o’clock and that is applicable for the port in Portsmouth, at the Long House Port,” Head of the Plant Protection and Quarantine Unit, Nelson Laville said.

The cooperation of the all exporters and the public is solicited.