Girl Guides Association marches around Roseau for the prevention of Child Abuse

by: - June 21, 2022
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With the recent kidnapping of 12-year-old Kernisha Etienne and the string of sexual abuse cases against minors surfacing this month, the Girl Guides Association of Dominica marched around Roseau on Friday for the prevention of child abuse.

Speaking exclusively with DA Vibes, the Public Relations Officer of the GGAD, Abigail Christmas stated that initially in the beginning of 2022, the association pledged to adopt mandate for Child Abuse Awareness. She stated that with this march, they are doing just that.

“We are doing this so the public could be involved; we’ve had a series of discussions on the radio, different programs in our unit, and today is the chance where the public can be involved and join us. Especially in light of the recent revelations of so many child abuse cases, we saw it fit to do this here today. We don’t want to see anymore ‘Kernishas’, we don’t want to start talking when there’s something extreme like a kidnapping of a child. We have to talk now, and we have to make child abuse prevention,  our business, it is everyone’s business.”

The theme for this mandate is “Make Child Abuse Prevention Your #1 Priority”, and Christmas is encouraging the public to stay up to date with their activities by following them on their various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Christmas announced a special activity that the association will be having every third Friday of the month moving forward.

“Every third Friday of each month, we’re making it a ‘Wear Baby Blue Day’, where we encourage everyone to wear baby blue and to signify that they are standing in solidarity with the Girl Guides Association, in the fight against child abuse prevention.”