Ministry of Trade announces retail prices for petroleum in Dominica

by: - June 21, 2022
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Director of Trade Matthan Walter

The Ministry of Trade and Commerce has regulated and announced retail prices for petroleum in Dominica.

The new prices were announced by the Director or Trade in the Ministry of Trade and Commerce, Mathan Walter.

“Being led by the global trends and indications of the barrel prices of petroleum products during the period under review, the Ministry of Trade and Commerce have regulated and announces the following prices retail for petroleum products in Dominica.”

  • Gasoline- $16.47
  • Diesel- $16.58
  • Kerosene- $16.57

Walter said these prices were kept lower than it usually would have been due to government’s intervention by way of two subsidies.

Subsidy one is the waiver of the custom service charge and subsidy two is the application of a subsidy on a landing cost for both gasoline and diesel.

He stated that without those subsidies, the price of gasoline and diesel would have been the following in the Commonwealth of Dominica:

  • Gasoline- $17.45
  • Diesel- $17.17

Walter explained that in our neighboring islands of St. Lucia and St. Kitts and Nevis, the prices for those products are as follows:

In St. Lucia, gasoline is $17.95 and diesel is $17.95 per gallon. In St. Kitts and Nevis, the price of gasoline is $17.83 and $17.88 because they have two different suppliers for the product both per gallon. The price of diesel is $21.72 per gallon