Father’s Day Survival Challenge a success

by: - June 21, 2022
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Twenty-six teams from various communities across Dominica participated in a survival challenge held on June 18, 2022. The event was organized by Burton and company Limited. According to the manager, the aim was to encourage father and child relationships and break the stigma around absent fathering.

“My son and his dad have an unbeatable bond, growing up, I did not have that with my father as I was raised with my stepfather and my mother,” says Lindbertha Mayers-Joseph, Store manager.

The challenges consisted of eight activities ranging from “Balloon popping”, “Reel the wire” and the final challenge, “Square sorting”.

Winner, Adicia Burton of the Kalinago Territory says it was her last opportunity to spend time with her father.

“I really wanted to spend the weekend with him, the games required a lot of teamwork and we were able to complete them all successfully,” says Burton.

According to Mr. Pinard Joseph of Castle Comfort participating was more about building his relationship with his son.

“To me it was not just about winning, it was more about participating with my son,” says Joseph, “Society bashes fathers a lot and it should not happen.”

Alexander Burton and Adicia Burton of the Kalinago Territory emerged the winners of a grand prize, a 55 inch Smart LED TV whilst, Dexter Bannis, and Kellie Bannis of Massacre came in 2nd place. They were awarded a 43 inch Smart LED Television. All participants received a gift voucher and a complimentary package.

The management and staff of Burton & Company wish to take this opportunity to thank the many fathers, children, and customers who made this event a success.