APP “Gravely Hurt” By The Death Keyan Alexander

by: - June 20, 2022
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The Alternative Peoples Party (APP) has said that it is gravely hurt by the death of Keyan Alexander “who was a mentally ill young man”.

“It is disappointing and very sad that the police, in their wisdom, would not find it fitting, not to take the necessary precautionary measures in ensuring that Keyan was captured alive, so as to assist in returning Kernisha Etienne safely home,” the Leader of the APP, Tahira Blanchard wrote in a statement.

Keyan Alexander, 31, succumbed to gunshot wound on Saturday during altercation with police

She said the abduction of Kernisha Etienne is a national crisis “and one would expect that the police would be fully aware of the objective of this matter, which should have been to capture Keyan Alexander alive.”

“Keyan’s death has reduced hope of the safe return of Kernisha at this time,” Tahira Blanchard added.

“We are a God fearing nation and APP calls on all the spiritual leaders of Dominica and on all Dominicans to pray for the safe return of our daughter. APP calls on the authorities, notwithstanding the circumstances, to do all within their power and we call on every abled Dominican to join in an organized and strategic movement to search for Kernisha.”

“APP extends heartfelt condolences to the family of Keyan Alexander and we pray for God’s intervention for the safe return of Kernisha Etienne,” the statement concluded.