Dominican Creative signed with French Artist’s company during the IDA mission with the FWI

by: - June 19, 2022
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Dominican Creative, Michael Lees and French Artist, Krys signing their contract at Fort Young Hotel Photo: Invest Dominica Authority Facebook Page

During the Invest Dominica Authority’s mission to bring together investors from the French West Indies and Dominican businesses, Dominican creative Michael Lees, signed with French Artist, Krys. Krys’ company will be an agent for Michael’s film, Uncivilized, in the French markets and further afield in the Francophonie.

During an exclusive interview with DA Vibes, Krys explained that he met Michael Lees, when he came to Dominica to film a video with local bouyon band Triple Kay International. Krys mentioned that Lees was apart of the film team and people kept recognizing Lees from his film, Uncivilized, and from there, Krys’ interest peaked.

Krys stated that his company will be Lees’ agent in marketing the film and announced that Michael will be at a film festival in Guadeloupe in October.

French Artist, Krys

Meanwhile, Michael Lees feels great about the partnership and stated that he appreciates how everything came so organically.

Dominican Creative, Michael Lees