MoBGEANFS engaged In Drone and Geospatial Programme for Mapping and Monitoring of Agricultural Lands

by: - May 27, 2022
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Dr. Kim Baldwin, drone specialist, educating the participants in ‘precision agriculture’

The Ministry of Blue, Green Economy, Agriculture and National Food Security (MoBGEANFS) is now engaged in a twelve-week blended training programme in drone and geospatial technology.

Eight agricultural officers recently completed an intense one-week practical flying and mapping training to achieve basic flight certification.

Dr. Kim Baldwin, drone specialist is the master trainer, educating the participants in ‘precision agriculture’ whereby an officer can utilize the drone to obtain whole field intelligence such as farm size and crop quantity, elevation profiles, detection of farm variables, changes on farm and early intervention to prevent crop loss.

Participants in training for use of the drones in ‘precision agriculture’

The use of this technology within the industry will seek to enhance the capabilities of officers to capture and record data and provide information for planning within the sector.

The MoBGEANFS has ensured that at least one officer from each agricultural region is being trained to allow for a upgraded national database.

The programme, funded by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) will be completed by July 2022.