CXC has officially started in Dominica as of Monday May 23rd, 2022

by: - May 24, 2022
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Local CXC Registrar, Mrs. Magalie Celestine

With the Caribbean Examination Council changing the schedule of the exams essentially giving Caribbean students an extra 3-week study time to get prepare due to the pandemic, CXC examinations have now started in Dominica on Monday May 23rd, 2022.

The Local CXC Registrar Magalie Celestine stated that all paper 1 examinations will be administered online, as well as a few paper 2 exams in select subjects at selected schools. She continued by saying that there are a lot of firsts for Dominica in terms of the examinations.

“For the first time in 2022, we have the CAPE Performing Arts being offered in Dominica by the Dominica Institute for the Arts. In addition, for the very first time, the St. John’s Academy is offering CAPE exams,” Celestine stated.

She stated that she expects all candidates to be equipped with the materials that they need for their exams which includes: a picture identification, scientific calculators, geometry sets, 3B penicils, simple blue or black ink pen, erase and carried in a clear plastic container.

She revealed the dates for the various CXC examinations, as well as the amount of students that will be doing them.

“A total of 898 CSEC candidates will be writing the exams this year. This year, 136 CAPE candidates and 553 CCSLC candidates will be taking the exams this year, “the Local Registrar explained, “CSEC exams are scheduled from May 23rd to June 24th, 2022; CAP exams will run from May 23rd to July 1st; and CCSLC is scheduled from June 27th to June 30th.”

The Local CXC Registrar stated that the exams will be administered across 19 centers around the island, with a team of 70 members serving as Chief Invigilators, Center Supervisors and Invigilators.

She wished the Dominican students all the best during this time and encouraged them to limit their outside activities and to try to keep themselves safe, as the pandemic still poses a threat.

“In the event that they have contracted the COVID virus during the exam, they need to inform their principal immediately, who will in turn inform me, to make the arrangements for their exams,” the Local CXC Registrar, Mrs. Magalie Celestine stated.