Tradibelle Bele Album “Bèlè Gold” Officially Launched

by: - May 11, 2022
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Tradibelle performs at the launching of Bele Gold Album

The Konmité Pou Etid Kwéyol (KEK) in collaboration with the Cultural Division has officially launched Tradibelle’s Bele Album – Bèlè Gold.

The album was launched at the Alliance Franciase De La Dominique on Wednesday, May 11th, 2022 and features ten (10) of the Bèlè songs which have been made popular by the Tradibelle group.

The album is the result of a collaboration between KEK, the Cultural Division, the University of Bedfordshire and the Arts & Humanities Research Council in the UK.

The late Dr. Violet Cuffy who worked at the University of Bedfordshire played an important role in sourcing the funding for the project.

Leader of the Tradibelle Bele Group, Adriana Henderson says a goal of the group has been materialized and thanked the late Dr. Violet Cuffy for the role she played in making this a reality for the group.

“A dream has been accomplished, a wish has come true, a vision has materialized, a desire has been fulfilled and a goal has been achieved,” Leader of the Tradibelle Bele Group, Adriana Henderson said.

Leader of Tradibelle Bele Group, Adriana Henderson

She said “This happened because there was hope, it happened because there was persistence, there was yearning, hunger, and passion, there was struggles and sacrifices but it happened because it was time. The time that support and encouragement knocked, that time Ms. Violet Cuffy (deceased) spoke about traditional dance projects. Yes, at last, right time.”

President of the Konmité Pou Etid Kwéyol, Raymond Lawrence congratulated the Bele group on its long-anticipated project and says Tradibelle has been one of the outstanding cultural groups over the years.

“We applaud the Tradibelle Group first of all on your forty years of existence and then on the achievement of this recording which documents the very important Bèlè music tradition of Dominica,” Lawrence noted.

President of KEK

“Tradibelle has been one of our very outstanding cultural groups in Dominica in promoting and preserving culture and heritage especially when it comes to Bèlè and folk song. They have been a shinning example of resilience, perseverance in spite of challenges and excellence in performance and presentation. So Tradibelle we salute you today for your sterling work in the field of culture in Dominica and we wish you many more years of carrying the torch of accomplishment and success in keeping Dominica’s traditions alive,” President of the Konmité Pou Etid Kwéyol, Raymond Lawrence.

Meanwhile, Minister responsible Cutlure, Hon. Rosyln Paul says the launching of the album is very critical to the preservation and promotion of the island’s traditional heritage.

Minister for Culture receiving Flash drive with Tradibelle Bele Gold Album

“So I really want to congratulate Tradibelle and to call on all cultural enthusiasts and participants to show appreciation, purchase the album, put it in your archives but more importantly use it…and it can be used as well for teaching our young people the heritage, the Bèlè, so it’s very important to getting into those kinds of productions that seeks to preserve what is dare to us and to instill that sense of pride in our people,” Minister responsible Cutlure, Hon. Rosyln Paul told Dominica Vibes following the launching of the album.

The Album was recorded at the recording studio of Earlson Matthew who is also the Acting Chief Cultural Officer.

The launching of the album also forms part of DOMFESTA 2022 and it also forms part of the 40th anniversary celebrations of KEK, the Konmité Pou Etid Kwéyol.