Dominica Cancer Society is joining International Cancer Societies in raising awareness about Cervical Cancer

by: - January 6, 2022
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President of the Dominica Cancer Society, Yvonne Alexander

The Dominica Cancer Society is joining all other cancer societies across the Globe in raising awareness about Cervical Cancer. Cervical Health Awareness Month is marked every year in January to encourage women to be more attentive to their health.

By becoming more knowledgeable about this, women can detect any health issues at an early stage and get access to the best treatment.

However, due to the recent surge in COVID-19 cases in Dominica, the Cancer Society has had to postpone what is normally called Special Screening Clinics, working with various health clinics.

President of the Dominica Cancer Society, Yvonne Alexander, explains that the society is continuing to raise awareness and encouraging individuals to take personal responsibility for being screened.

She stated that ‘they can do so at the health center, anywhere on island where you have a primary health center or they can do it with there, private doctors for individuals.’ She also added that individuals can also go to their private doctors to do their annual checkups and pap smear.

Alexander said the society is also utilizing radio stations and social media to help raise awareness of cervical cancer.

While cervical cancer is one of the leading cancers affecting women in Dominica, Alexander says it is one of the most preventable and treatable cancers.

President Yvonne Alexander ended by saying that, ‘all that is required is for women to engage in annual pap smears, get detected early, get treated promptly, and be able to survive cervical cancer.’