Ministry of Education completes manual as a guide for the return of Face-to-Face Instruction

by: - January 6, 2022
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Minister for Education, Human Resource Planning, Vocational Training and National Excellence; Honourable Octavia Alfred

The Ministry of Education has completed a manual that is expected to be a guide in the safe return of face-to-face instruction at schools across the island.

That announcement came from the Minister for Education, Hon. Octavia Alfred.

She said face-to-face learning, must be done safely as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to pose problems for the Education Sector.

She stated that the manual will guide them on when they can return to face-to-face instructions. The Ministry of Education will phase it out but noted that it must be done safely and gradually.

The minister called on parents, teachers, and students eligible for vaccination to get vaccinated so face-to-face learning can resume safely.

Hon. Alfred pleaded to say, ‘let us do it for those who cannot take it, let us do it for our primary school students, let us do it for our early childhood learners, let us do it for our daycares and our nurseries; they are depending on us.’