Progress is being made for the Development of a multipurpose hard court in Penville

by: - December 16, 2021
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The Prime Minister on the project site

Progress is being made for the development of a multipurpose hard court in the community of Penville.

Earlier this week, the honorable Prime Minister and Parliamentary Representative for the Vielle Case Constituency, Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit led a site visit to the project.

The Prime Minister was accompanied by Senator Oscar George, along with the Village Council and youth.

Senator Oscar George told DA Vibes that such a facility will be of great benefit to the sportsmen and women in the community.

He said the community has been trying to identify suitable lands to develop such a facility for a long time. He added that the community has many talented athletes, and a facility like this will do very well for them in Penville.

Senator George said, however, that based on the topography, quite a bit of Earth movement will be done.

‘Along with the construction of a retaining wall and of course we will see the erection of benches in our bleachers,’ he stated. ‘And lighting the facility, that will ensure that we can have use of the facility even in the night.’

George says a similar facility will be constructed in the community of Vielle Case, while Thibaud will see upgrades of lighting to its playing field.

He stated that ‘I think we should be all in our might to seek to upgrade this facility and to ensure that we can attract even sports clubs on the outside of the community to come in and make use of the facility so we continue to invest in sports in the area.’

The Senator ended by saying that all the government is asking is that the athletes make use of the facility so that they can continue to invest in sports in the area. They would like to see them use the facility to improve their skills, and of course, maximize the opportunities that are available in sports.