The Impact of the care of COVID-19 patients on nurses has been immense

by: - December 15, 2021
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President of the Dominica Nurses Association, Yolanda Rodney Jno-Baptiste, has indicated that the impact of the care for COVID-19 patients on nurses has been immense.

Rodney Jno- Baptiste stated that the coronavirus disease outbreak has left nurses on the island with an increased workload, and has led to new challenges in the workplace.

She stated that nurses are placed in a difficult situation where they are moved from different areas. She explained several nurses were being taken from the Dominica China Friendship Hospital and allocated to Portsmouth.

 ‘That has created a nursing shortage in the hospital so as the president it would be good to have the nurses work with a common understanding, provide them with the necessary time needed, work with the other members who are responsible for allocating the nurses in the different areas,’ she explained.

Rodney Jno-Baptiste stated that it is important that nurses are not overworked and that a system needs to be implemented to prevent this.

‘We cannot fix the shortage in full, but what we can do work within the working hours and the few nurses that we have work in collaboration with them not giving them the extended hrs where they become burnt out,’ she stated.