Ministry of Agriculture reminds public that they need a permit to import agricultural products and meats

by: - December 14, 2021
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Plant Protection and Quarantine Officer, Nelson Laville

The Plant Protection & Quarantine Unit in the Division of Agriculture, Ministry of Blue & Green Economy, Agriculture and National Food Security has warned members of the Dominican public who wish to import agricultural products and meats are reminded that they require a permit to do so.

The announcement made by Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture Plant Protection and Quarantine, Nelson Laville, noted that there is a process that one has to go through before importing fruits and vegetables to Dominica.

‘To import all fruits and all vegetables into Dominica, you require an import permit; this import permit is issued by the plant protection and quarantine services which is located at the botanic gardens,’ Laville stated.

The process is as follows:

  • You apply 5 days in advance on the arrival date of the consignment
  • A risk assessment will be conducted by the staff of Plant Protection & Quarantine Services
  • After that, an import permit may be issued to the client

The process and permit cost $10. Laville added that anyone importing or expected to receive meat should visit the Botanical Gardens Livestock Unit to receive their import permit.

The type of permit varies from the type of meat procedures that you would like to import, for example, pork and pork parts, would be issued on one specific permit. Birds like chicken and turkey will be issued on another permit, so the general public should be conscious of that. 

That permit is also $10.

Laville also identified a change in the process of importation of Irish Potatoes.

He stated, ‘before now you would have to go to the Ministry of Trade to get an import license, for potatoes and subsequence to that you come to the botanic garden for an import permit for potatoes.’

He stated that the process has been reserved now, but you get an import permit from the Botanical Gardens, from Plant Protection & Quarantine Services. You get your license from the Ministry of Trade.

According to Laville, the Plant Quarantine Inspector reserves the right to reject or accept the produce based on its condition.