Rehabilitation work resumes on the La Sagesse Playing Field in St. David, Grenada

by: - November 25, 2021
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Minister for Infrastructure Development; Sen. Norland Cox

The Government and the Ministry of Sports in St. Vincent and the Grenadines resume the rehabilitation work on the La Sagesse Playing Field in St. David.

Minister for Infrastructure Development Sen. Norland Cox stated that it is an exciting project for the constituency of St. David.

He said that ‘We hope that January of 2022 all imputes will be on islands to have the project completed between 8-10 weeks.’ He stated that they are very excited about the project and they have a lot of support for this project.

Sports Coordinator Kerlon Peters state that the lighting of the field will aid with the athletes’ training and competitions. The lighting of one sports facility in each constituency is anticipated by the first quarter.

Peters noted that this plan was on stream for a while and he thinks that COVID affected the lighting of the field. He continued, ‘I’m very happy to hear yesterday on the press briefing that we will start in the next two weeks.’

He noted that when the project is completed, it will benefit night and international competitions and that they could use it as a training venue for upcoming events that are scheduled for Grenada.