Minor Cases Unit to be implemented in the Accident & Emergency Department of the DCFH

by: - November 25, 2021
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Chief Executive Officer of the Dominica China Friendship Hospital; Dr. Dexter James

Authorities at the Dominica China Friendship Hospital will implement a Minor Cases Unit in the Accident and Emergency Department.

Speaking during a session on Wednesday, Chief Executive Officer of the DCFH Dr. Dexter James, stated patients whose injuries are not severe can get help from a Minor Cases Unit (MIU) rather than going to an Accident and Emergency Department.

He noted that a Minor Cases Unit would improve waiting time as well as patient satisfaction.

Dr. James noted that 65% of the cases in the Accident and Emergency Department are not urgent. He added that these patients stay there for 2/3 hours, and they are finding a way to check these patients quickly, have them obtain their diagnosis, and leave.

Dr. James stated that additional changes are on the horizon for the hospital, all intending to improve service and customer care.

He noted that one of the first things he did was institute a 12-hour shift for housekeeping services. He also stated that they are now developing a pilot project to decentralize support services across the wards.

He ended by saying, ‘So some changes will take place in the way support services themselves function, so part of our program is to improve the off time of the plan and therefore access to services.’