Minister for National Security says there’s no need for panic over changes to water levels at the boiling lake

by: - November 24, 2021
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Minister for National Security Hon. Rayburn Blackmoore has assured the public that there is no need for panic following a significant decrease in the water level at the Boiling Lake.

The UWI Seismic Research Center (SRC), which is currently conducting fieldwork on the island, visited the lake on Monday to make further observations.

Speaking this week, Blackmoore looked to address the changes in the water levels at the Boiling Lake, stating that there is no need for concern.

He stated that “…this unscientific advice that there is no need for panic, the volcanic alert level for Dominica remains in green which therefore signifies that volcanic activity is at the background level or within normal range.”

Blackmoore added that the lake levels have dropped dramatically and have been restored at least eight times in the past.

The National Security Minister also says that the changes in the water level and activity at the Boiling Lake are not necessarily related to increased volcanic activity in the area.

He noted that the release of harmful gases such as Carbon Dioxide and small steam explosions might occur.