Authorities warn people that Sinopharm Vaccines are not recognized by the European Union

by: - November 24, 2021
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Dominica’s Guadeloupe Embassy Chief Consular Officer, Mr. Clayton Laurent, has warned that people vaccinated with Sinopharm are not recognized by the European Union as being vaccinated.

Ferry services returned to Dominica on Sunday for the first time since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Laurent informed that the Sinopharm vaccine is not one of the approved vaccines for the European Union community and discarded as being fully vaccinated even with two doses.

“You must have at least one shot of Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, Astra Zeneca, or Moderna, and must have at least one shot of that and 14 days after it”, he added.

Laurent warned that unvaccinated persons face a mandatory seven days quarantine and an examination after those seven days.
He informed that unvaccinated persons wanting to come for 15 days have a little more difficulty. He explained that the stay might be spent in isolation and that people should be very mindful of that.